Monday, May 30, 2016

Starship Troopers

As a hive mind I think we take orders sometimes from other species, we communicate with eachother. It's weird but I am an animal friend so I think it makes things more interesting. And since we are cooperating between species we might as well be diplomatic to improve relations and resource extraction.

Even if you think it's offensive to think like this it doesn't mean you are right.

I Have Dark Thoughts

As a response to Doom I want to invade hell with the fallen SS. It's how I fight demons.

I'd totally commission that video game.

The Novel I Was Working On

I turned it into a short story, I didn't want to drone on.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Patriarchy Smashing Conspiracy Theories

I am worried that Power Feminists are killing off the Alpha males since they would naturally be the keepers of the Patriarchy or at least feminizing them. I think it would be dumb, it would make the women miserable. I know that women even love men who are jerks, and I am not saying that men should be like that, they should be educated and possibly sedated to be kinder.

As always, full equality is the goal. Traditionally feminine work (housemaking) should be paid and women should be equally paid in traditionally male careers.Women should be free to combine the two, but a good household does make fine children I think,


They are basically a militia, and they are so god damned inhospitable, they are so bad for business and I am so angry about it. If they love the Fatherland so much why are they hurting it?

Stupid brutes!

If they want to fight so much they should join the military and actually get a chance at doing something positive.

(Easy for me to say from all the way away in Canada)

I am happy that I don't have to deal with too many of them here.

Wars Over Resources

In the developed world we have enough now, these wars should be obsolete.

I am actually not sure this is true.

I Feel Like An Asshole For Feeling Like This

After I lost my fiancee I feel like I could loose anybody and it would barely register. I wish I didn't tick like that. I would still care, but I wouldn't be devastated.

Sorry If I Repeat Myself

I Do Take Money Seriously

If you don't respect it it's gone. Mind you I enjoyed being a child and having it spent for me. I kinda want a personal Banker to control my spending so I eat better, stupid cigarettes.

Positive Racism

The problem with it is that people will pre-judge people based on positive stereotypes. It's still always best to see the individual first.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Book I Was Reading

I have been reading "From Dawn to Decadence" by Jacques Barzun. I feel that it has a very astute observation that civilization goes through cycles where primitivism keeps on popping up. I think it needs to be fought, it serves no useful purpose.


I see how successful other people are in getting a decent living around me and do wish I was more healthy and lucky, I also worry that my German heritage is getting me excluded from groups but I am just not informed about it, so I have no proof, just suspicion.


I personally don't worry much about the health issues of cigarettes, probably because I am addicted out of my mind, but it is so ridiculously expensive. I am trying the patch and am having some success, the stronger meds are dangerous because they can interfere with my anti-psychotics.

To People Who Care About Me

I have stopped drinking regularly, it's become a thing I do as an occasion.

Impressive vs Useful

People seem to lean towards rewarding outstanding performance more than utility, it's not logical.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Artist Stars

I really think MJ made some great records, but hustling and getting enough money to build a private amusement park is ridiculous. It's the reason I am not too upset about big artists getting less money due to things like spotify.

Especially when workers who are vital to the functioning of society get screwed over by their leadership.

It's such an insulting system and it needs to be improved.


I don't really think anyone was better than anyone else in world war 1, there were just winners and losers.

So if it isn't about good vs. bad then I would choose the Kaiser, sue me.

It was a stupid game war though so honestly it's best to say they were all bad governments.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Average Racism

I don't subscribe to racism as having much to say about who people really are, but nonetheless some of these racists seem to be so unscientific about racism and using their guts and hearsay to profile people and categorize them based on race.


I do lie about liking or disliking things to friends and family to smooth relations. I don't feel great about it and wonder if any of you folks are reading this and if you would be upset about it.

It was a bit more intense when I was little and I played the peer-pressure game.

It seems to me to be a feature of youth.


I really want to play a Germanic Deity in a Shadowrun campaign. Not a twink, no character sheets for Deities!

Maybe the Deity could be from an expanded Shadowrun specific Pantheon.

I have bought some rule/source books, I am so in love with the Shadowrun universe, I have bias due to my exposure to it at a young age.

Captain America : Civil War

I really liked it, I think it's a great metaphor of how many Americans think they should be running/saving the world and that the United Nations is a better platform for doing that since everybody can participate.

If I Weren't Mentally Ill

I would probably try and find employment with the bureaucracy at this stage in my life so I can get a steady decent income and respectable job. I wish beaurocracies had more steel when it comes to saying no to bad leadership decisions. They should have intelligent qualified leadership outside the publicly elected officials, since getting elected by popular vote doesn't mean you automatically make qualified leadership decisions.

I mean some politician's only qualification seems to be knowing how to sway the public and get elected, and if that's all you got you should not be making any important decisions. #Populism

Multi Culturalsim

I do like having a variety of cultures readily available as opposed to all the same, even if it's just for diverse cuisine.

I have friends with different cultural backgrounds and I value that very highly, that wouldn't be possible in a all-sizes fit one cultural approach.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


My Father mentioned something a few times about how people just come to Calgary from all over the world make a bunch of money and just leave.

It is rude, I admit that I have had similar thoughts and have tried to move to Vienna though and now I feel like I should give back to the place that helped realize my life by settling down here.

Though Vienna had an active role in helping me too.

Edit: Among many by my reconning.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Jan Böhmermann

Is this the middle ages? A ruler trying to punish a Jester? We should really be beyond this.

Living Standards

I think that with higher living standards it is possible to be kinder to the populace than previously if you find yourself in control when trying to get the economy to thrive.

University Library Access

I wish there a way to get that without having to jump through all the hoops so I could read academic material and base my works off of research.

The research I have done as a student was really cool in terms of how well it functioned through online access, you just need credentials for all the portals to make use of it, and I do believe there is a black library, because I am crazy and see conspiracies everywhere. :P

I Have Barely Any Psychological Training

But I am fairly sure that people can be ranked according on how and how easily they can be manipulated.

I personally don't really feel clean manipulating people too much, guess I am too much of a Gutmensch.

I worry that lots of the highly intelligent are excessively cold, probably because of historical data and all that, it's just sad. Mind you historical data also warns of revolution if you put yourself in palaces and don't give a damn.

Regarding My Second Post On This Blog

The laziness is subsiding, I am getting more energetic all the time.

Mind you I am being pro-active about it too, I have been guzzling coffee and doing other things to make me more active.

I am also probably getting used to my current lifestyle.

Hidden Aristocracy

I feel like there is a modern classified way to make forbidden palaces in plain sight.

I should be a DM.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

This Isn't A Climate Change Denial Post

But scientists are human, and they do make mistakes and some of them are frauds or turn out to be wrong.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Porn Industry

Since I have worries that the sex-trade is a form of slavery and people just do it to get by and prevents their actualization as humans, though I do think there are legitimate sex-addicts that do it for fun, I don't like supporting the industry.

I think it can be a light form of prostitution.


I have something in common with Hitler, I am probably a bad artist and maybe a bad political activist/wannabe politician.

At least the cause I am in is different.

Though I'd prefer to be a successful political scientist as opposed to a politician.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I am liking twitter as a 24/7 newsstream, I've been having movies on in the background while treating my twitter stream like an old school chatroom.

I Believe

I am of the belief that bad circumstances make bad people, so socialist style taking care and educating of the bottom line should be a preventative measure against the kind of mass psychosis seen in the past that leads to atrocities.

Been Suffering

My sleep and thought process has been a bit jumbled and erratic lately, had to clean up my twitter stream and deviantart page a bit.

I hope it goes away, it's pretty good as I write this.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Star Trek As Progressive Entertainment

It has a message that we are working towards something better, even if we won't live to see it, it inspires striving to be better.

Also, when I was little I was very sheltered I find, and how am I going to find inspiration in the real world as a sheltered child?


Since I feel like I am being monitored, I sometimes try and provoke my watchers to come out and say hi. Mind you, that could be seen as an excuse for bad behavior.

I mean I am "crazy" I wouldn't be surprised if there are laws requiring monitoring when people like me live in the open community.

Edit: I am not even mad about it, I don't like to see people running loose and starting a massacre. (It is very Gestapo I admit.)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Even The Slightest Doubt

If you even have a very slight feeling that something bigger is going on in our universe than what is observable I would always do what is kind to people.

I would always bet on the forces of kindness and goodness.

It's the right decision even if you don't believe in anything, it's simple reciprocity, you are kind and generally people will be kind back. It makes for a better environment to live in. As long as they aren't war zombies.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cultural Assimilation

The problem with assimilating cultures that contribute advance is that they won't stop resisting. How much did Germany contribute as a bloodline to human advancement?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Treating Nobles Too Well

It leads to revolt, people just can't take it.

Racial Interbreeding

Clan breeding exclusivity and supremacism, it's a bad way to breed humans, it gives us less diversity to defend ourselves against disease and other assailants.


There is negative and positive racism, so it isn't negative in itself, though it's preferable to not have it, it's volatile since it's a potential source of conflict, I wonder if it can be reduced/eliminated.


Doesn't really mean lot's of money, happiness and security are worth more. Having enough money is nice though, a tip is nice too.

Spoils Of War

I feel like I am a spoil of war due to my blood.

Pretending To Be A Magic User

Never wise, if successful, people will ask for miracles and you'll look a fool.

Pretending You Are Wise

Shows that you think life is a game. I prefer to think it is not.

Edit: Another feature of youth.


Can be foolish, it depends on whether you spend responsibly, it doesn't really do anything for you though unless you win, and even then you might incite negative reaction if you win because it's unearned.


I prefer sports as an engine of motivation. That includes e-sports of course.

E-sports are even less dangerous than traditional sports, so that's even better.

Then there is brand warfare, but that can be like inter-state warfare though, especially when corporations start thinking they are government.


Time is money, and digital currency saves time.

Edit: Also eliminating cash and requiring electronic currency is a good policy to deter crime, I read an article in wired about Sweden's situation and their leading voice in the move away from cash to prevent criminal enterprise.


Non-Government banks shouldn't control policy. I hear that's a problem.

Responsibility In Press

The press can cause human crushes.

Mind you so can other leaders, it's just that the press appears to often feel the need to report everything.


I do think that they are products of their environment, I say this because of people who are descended from SS soldiers.

I don't believe many people were born psychopaths. I am curious though.

I am primarily concerned with leaders doing psychotic things.

I worry that I might be descended from a member of the SS, since as previously stated my father was adopted.

It's not like their creed was evil, loyalty is good, it helps make civilization, it can be abused of course. It should be discerning and not fanatic though.