Saturday, April 30, 2016

Libertarianism Sucks

If you make government weak and small, the vacuum created will be filled by business management, which would make them government. And they don't have a well made system that prevents them from making bad decisions.



No person should have to suffer eternal hellfire for a short lifetme of sin.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Something I Don't Like About Our Lives As Humans

Most people try to help, but we can end up suffering for it.

The Environment

I am conserving water, one does get smelly though. :(


I prefer to revolt within the system, I don't want the blood and the leaders so far that have come after militant revolutions have in most cases become corrupt very quickly or proven wrong.

Democratic values appear to be the way to go.

Cartoons Vs. Live-Action

I am not so sure it is wise to make people so easily venerable, especially when it come to shallow entertainment.

I've Been Thinking About It

I am more of a cosmopolitan than a son of any nation, I still like my heritage though and considering what my heritage is I am strangely proud, that's due to my like of Individualism, or put psychologically my ego.

Entertainment Zones

I wish it were easier/cheaper to get media from all nations, I am curious about nollywood and I am nostalgic for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies, I also like to hear different languages in film and prefer them with subtitles.

It wouldn't be that difficult to do, Itunes already has the ability to browse different region's libraries, you just need to be in the respective country or cheat the system in place somehow.

Google Glass

If used responsibly Google Glass would be a great tool for journalists, filmmakers, and photographers, been a fan of the concept since I saw it in Transmetropolitan.

I Really Want To Try The Oculus Rift

I am wondering if I can use it to escape like on a vacation, I remember having good experiences with early VR in he 90s.

Kinda want to be environmentally friendly and reduce my carbon footprint, flying makes you worse than a combustion engine car driver.

The Brain Drain

Social media; it's a way to keep young academics from running away to the world's power centers.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


They are pretty, but insulting, prefer to get paid/compensated.

Fanatic With An A-Bomb

It's a nightmare and sorry I do support military campaigns to prevent that from happening.

It's A Shallow Reason

I became infatuated with Germanic mythology because of Valkeries, mind you I was introduced to them with the "Valkyrie Profile" picture of them, since some of the old stories of them are gross.

But it stuck, it's my mind you know. I have a problem with the fact that I adore women, it's not fair to paint pictures of them and wanting them to conform to my picture.

In Defense Of Royals

This feels a bit weird, but I am revising my stance, people need heroes to function. I just wish we were more self-actualized to not need that, it's a weakness that I am never quite comfortable with. And different kinds of people have different kinds of heroes.

Also, elected heads of state and government end up being pretty much the same thing anyways, especially as evidenced in political families.

I do think that constitutional and democratic monarchies are wise though.

Edit: And celebrities function much the same way.

Peter The Great

I like how Peter the Great supposedly disguised himself and mixed with the common folk. Being in charge and yet being able to go anywhere is cool.

I do have to admit that I fantasize about ruling from the ground without all the required ceremony. I fantasize about a grand spectacle though too. I just think that if I were a ruler it would be more honorable to not be a snob.


The thing about not having a cold logical mind is that we can be creative in interpreting art.
The meaning is ultimately something everyone creates for themselves.

It's just I feel it's potentially more dangerous.


I have been throwing around the thought that we actually live in the future and I am in school not being told yet what year it is.

I Like Having 7-Eleven

I am a customer (I am a night owl), but I do feel guilty about the hours they have to work. I have worked rotating day/night shifts in security and it's not pleasant, though the place I was a guard at was nice and it was peaceful and I even had time to read while on duty. I feel that shift-work like that is very militant.

Besides Being Schizophrenic

I am also somewhat lethargic, I consider it an illness.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I don't like being a snob and do generally enjoy video more than literature, it's less work to consume. It has a lot of potential as edutainment.

Edit: Video-Games even more so, because they make you feel like you are a part of the creation. More attention grabbing.

Being A Recipient Of Medical Wellfare

I think basic income is a great idea, I find that I have time to pursue and work on what I want instead of being wage-enslaved. And from what I can gather experiments have been promising.

If Nothing Were Paid For

Whatever is needed that isn't paid for because people refuse to pay for it has to be subsidized, and politics is usually a slow process.

Now That We Are Wired

People who are com-system dependent can be taken control/advantage of with false messages. Something a Luddite doesn't have to worry about.

Ultimate Democracy

Everybody would have to be informed properly and possess the capacity for intelligent educated judgment to have a useful democracy. Otherwise Hitler and other such nonsense is possible.

This Sounds Kinda Scary

I feel it makes me like a Nazi-Scientist. The world is my lab.


Edit: Political Science is scary.

My Ultimate Office Fantasy

I want my office to be on a bullet train. My father would disapprove I think, he thinks it's typical businessman.

I can multitask though, I can enjoy the ride and do work.

Yet More Pronoid Thoughts

I feel that men are mind-controlled by women and that women are secretly the master gender.

Which is a silly thought it would appear, I mean they get treated like they are less than men and their work at home is taken for granted.

I'm still a feminist, my reason triumphs over my more messed up thought processes under this medication. Probably doesn't hurt that I adore women so much that I would enjoy it. Doesn't mean I hate being a man, I still indulge in my maleness.


Humans have more capability for change than many admit, they just do what is comfortable and excuse bad behavior with the justification that it's how they were made.

Just To Calrify

These are just musings, if you like any of my ideas I strongly recommend you do research on the topic, I am just a student.

Having Children Is A Selfish Decision For Some People

"I wasn't asked to be made" is what comes to mind. But it's human to have children so it's also a basic human right.

Edit: Personally I am glad I was created.

Getting Old And Loosing Your Elders

One thing I am curious about is how this affects how you are a person, you don't have anyone looming over you, so you are more free. I just feel that it would make you very grumpy but more of an individual.

Bad News

The novel "The White Plague" makes an excellent point about armed insurrection and terrorism in the modern world, we have members of elite now that can do terrible things to the populace. It's extremely shitty.

Something About Maturing People That Is Dangerous

Dumping people is a mean thing to do, but it can help some people grow.

Good Law

Child protection laws are good, interference with their development is very bad for their proper maturation. I am talking about child predators.

The problem with all this Individualism and "everyone is a beautiful" idealization is that it might encourage criminals to think it's their right to commit a crime to protect their human rights.


I worry that total surveillance and micro-management is the contemporary way of organizing society.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road

There was a line in the movie "Everybody used to have their own show". I have been wishing that I could see more about the people in my family tree, any written word or otherwise.

In the future your family tree will maybe have more stories attached to each individual.

Giving the masses a face. I like to look at my Facebook contacts' webpages, and Dad is an artist so I have things to enjoy from him when I am at the screen.

What Do You Think?

Wanting to be really mature is childish, just a thought.

Thinking As Work

It's in many cases unpaid, lot's of people numb themselves with mindless entertainment and leave the thinking to others.


I Am Having Second Thoughts About My Novel

If it is a success and I cash out I will become one of "those" people, this way I can stay on the ground level.

I suppose I might be a workaholic that way.

Speaking Of Reductionism

I think that university grading is extremely simple, especially in the humanities and arts, it's not a measure of how well you know and apply your knowledge or what value your art has.

I mean obviously in the trades, engineering, and physical sciences you can see how well someone does their work in terms of how well something works. Medicine is also more tricky, but you need to know the fundamentals.


Since I Am Not Part Of A Corporation That I Know Of

I would share most of the credit for my well-being with my family and friends.

So that's the corporation I would make rich if I got rich.

You kinda have to give your dues to businesses to get by anyways.

And government and laws are just usually taken for granted, hence taxes.


The cold-war era news on German television was so much more urgent and serious, the new style is so much more leisurely and stylish.

I get nostalgic for the cold-war war reports, they had such a cold scientific edge to them. As a child it made the news more exciting, making me feel like I was a part of some big event. I am getting old.

Global Currency

If a global currency were able to be stable then it would be advantageous for working on global equality. It would give a more permanent guide to where what is what value where and what can be bought from where at what price.

And if easier to stabilize due to developed nation support it would prevent currency devaluation in struggling regions.

I Know There Are More Reasons

What I don't like about European nations that are against the E.U. is that it sometimes reeks of supremacism, I especially feel that the British and Russians think they are better than the rest of us and they don't need to work together.

Also, they will trade with the rest of Europe anyways, just with a more primitive less democratic mechanism/treaties guiding the interactions.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dynamic Politics

The obsession with static systems intended to be infallible is not useful, an acceptance of the potential dynamism of laws is useful, politics as a scalpel rather than a mallet.

Edit: It's a reason I really respect the Talmud. I don't agree with the use of doctrine, especially when unnecessary (it is to be employed in primitive societies for them to function I think due to scarcity and resulting aggression),

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reducing The Scale Of Celebrity Fame

The internet is great for fighting the trend of uber-celebrities dominating the mediascape. You can have mini-celebrities on the local scale.

Sharing is caring you know?

Pride As Part Of A Healthy Psychological Makeup

It doesn't hurt to be happy about who you are when wanting to be happy in general. It's just dangerous when you start thinking you are better than other people, it can be a recipe for supremacism.

Honor Is Tricky

The dishonorable have no problem taking advantage of the honorable. I wouldn't say that giving up honor is the solution, just be very careful, though there is no such thing as a guarantee in life.

Speaking of guarantees, my alienware is coming up on 6 years and is pretty much working like a charm, damn fine investment if you ask me. Also, the pace of requiring new hardware for the latest games is much better than it was when I was a kid. I wonder if cloud computing will become a thing soon, onlive worked great for delivering games on any old terminal, though not having the computing onsite has its disadvantages.


Some wisdom from Anime, young poor people with talent can be recruited and overpowered to do things that may seem appealing, but have negative consequences for their well-being.

It's kinda like being tricked into going to war.

Something I Have To Keep In Mind

I do tend to want the world's workings to conform to my ideal view. But it's an imperfect world with imperfect solutions.

Besides, a conception of perfection is subjective.

I should learn to like complexity in human dishonesty when dealing with how we communicate, organize, and paint a picture of our world. I would have to learn this to be at peace with the lies.

Lot's of these lies are ones we tell to ourselves to make more sense of the world and everyone has different requirements for this.

I don't know if society could function if everything was revealed.

I do believe in a good lie though, I see examples of bad ones all the time though.

A Well Functioning Social Democracy Should Be The Ultimate Revolution Stopper

If there are no large groups of poor then there is no need to revolt. If people are respected as humans with rights and a voice then there is no need for revolution.

Swatch Internet Time

Should totally be everybody's new time format, it's so cool and useful. Besides, decimal is always the way to go.

That is all.



Individualism in a more ultimate form is a way to end war, if people are judged individually and not as statistics relevant to group targeting.

Then it's just cops and robbers.

Quality Over Quantity

I have been dismayed previously about the low birthrate in the first world, but there was something I wasn't considering, infant mortality is at an all time low.

So now quantity isn't as necessary and we have more time to invest into raising outstanding human beings.

Mind you a shrinking population is still not desirable I think, but internationally that isn't a problem yet.

I worry about future problems a lot.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Show "Vikings"

There are many things I like about the show, but I primarily like its function as a class in appreciating we don't live there anymore.

Subliminal Implants

Due to the way I respond to certain people on first sight I am worried that I have subliminal implants, I wouldn't be a hard target, I watch the screen like a screen-hound.

Delusions Of Grandeur

I am paranoid about being bread in secret to continue my line. Thanks a lot "Dune"!

Strangely enough my thoughts are positive about it.


I have been worrying that there is some terrible secret that will make me look a fool for about the last hour or so, it's not a very common worry for me, I wonder if it will join my repertoire of psychological unease.

Mind you secrets also have a certain excitement attached to them, since they might be cool.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Levelling The Playing Field

Not being in the world's power centers does suck if you are attracted to them, but the internet is valuable in being able to globalize the conversation about our future.

So far and yet so near.

If only IRC weren't so dead these days, the internet was more of an international playground in some respects when I was growing up. But I do love that I can get international newspapers on the internet now and they have real-time comment sections.

Everyone can have a published voice now, of course time is valuable so mass exposure isn't available to all.


I don't know much about this, but I wonder how different people who have it really good respond to being spoiled in the sense of not giving a damn.


Child Soldiers?

Honestly, I think that people often remain children beyond the legally determined dates that states have.

The world is changed by child armies.

I Don't Want To Live In This Reality Anymore

People get punished for being themselves or they are at least tinkered with. Of course we wouldn't have all these nice fruits of civilization if it weren't so.

Still blows. Especially when it's a flaw that can't be fixed.


More About Choice

Forbidding drugs is insulting to human agency and is probably one of the reasons it doesn't work very well. If someone wants to destroy themselves (referring to the nasty stuff here) it should be their right. It's a medical problem if people are sick. A healthy person should want to maximize their potential and not want to play with fire and risk it all.

It's just that the tragic figure is somewhat romanticized. I know all about the romanticization of my condition, and I just hope to profit from it, but as I just stated that's healthy behavior. Nonetheless I still think that this tragic figure thing we have is perhaps not the greatest contribution to art and therefor people's psychological makeup when it comes to self destructive behavior. Mind you, there are many other reasons people risk their lives and do dangerous things.

The Stories That Make Us Go

Before I had my first psychotic break I had much less of an appreciation of myths that make human psychology function.

I am a bit swamped now though, I am longing for my more scientific cold assessment of our reality right now. Though as a permanent state I am no longer sure which is more enjoyable, leaning towards the scientific, there is less fear involved.

Different Strokes

In defense of fanatics, I am sure their devotion and love is appreciated by some some kinds of people/gods (if you believe in gods and all that).

It's just that fanatics have a bad rep as being violent and harmful.

Being A Fan

I normally consider myself a fan of many things, but I think being an aficionado is better, I don't like the root word of fan: fanatic.

I like to think that I appreciate things in an critical way.

I didn't really consider the root word, fan had kinda crept into my vernacular and I am ditching it.

Aficionado does sound pretentious though. *sigh*


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Isn't It Weird?

420 falls on Hitler's birthday, I wonder if Hitler had smoked pot he would have turned out so angry?

Ok maybe it isn't so weird after all.


Zu Früh Gefreut?

I think it would be tragic and comedic if history proves both sides in the cold war wrong.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

As A Data Pirate

If you can afford it, always buy! I feel good when I support businesses that I like with money. (I do wish that contemporary corporate culture didn't distribute it so ridiculously unequally in many cases)

I do my best, but I am below the local poverty line on disability support without any additional income and I have to consume media to keep sane! I have a brain to feed here!

It's political activism I say!

Netflix would be adequate if I weren't so picky, I do have a subscription though, they have stuff I watch and I have a few other subscriptions too.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

War In The Heavens

I don't really have proof of there being a higher realm that is related to our lives here on earth beyond what I have already mentioned. But I like to think that we are in the hanging in the balance of some kind of war between the gods, not original I admit, since I do like to play the "Diablo" series of video games.

Maybe when I die I will just be a victim in a war beyond my control. Strangely enough that makes me feel like there was maybe a point to existing so briefly and it's comforting.

As with many aspects of my psychology I wonder how long this thought will remain dominant in my mind. It is more like a fancy than a religious view.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Are We Viable As A Continued Presence In This Universe Beyond Our Biological Nature?

I am thinking that the highly developed world people are becoming so unnatural that they have stopped breeding like regular humans. The reason that this is a simplification is that it takes away from the value of human agency being supreme over matters of biology.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Journalist Warrior

The news is a weapon.

Edit: It seems to me that everybody is in some kind of state of conflict, we are almost all at war with something. Though some get more close to traditional states of warfare, like when journalists go into war-zones and get harmed or killed by militant groups that are their enemies.

Some Green Politics

Greed is not good right now, we have limited resources and should therefore not be wasteful.

Hating People Because They Are Wrong

I think a democratic IDEAL is that we should be able to disagree without getting angry.

The Value Of Art

Is your work valuable to anyone? Even yourself? Then it has value, so this argument of how good art is, is purely academic and aesthetic when dealing with the value of an individual.

When monetary ambition comes into play, then those academic and aesthetic variables come into play.

About The European Union Being A Proto-Type

Regional Supra-National Unions like the E.U. could still have a place in global federal government as an extra layer of government that aids integration. I wrote that it is useful as a proto-type because I was worried that the E.U. may fail and I was justifying it's existence if it that failure comes to pass.

Edit: Also, integration is a great creator of peace, so it is definitely a worthy cause.

Hail Everybody

Individualism is a good movement, the full actualization of everybody should be a goal of any endeavor to improve our lives.

Too bad about the criminal element though.


Justifying inhumanity by using "cultural heritage" as a defense is wrong.

Edit: I'd like to add religion to the list of wrong justifications.

The Primary Reason I Like "The Big Bang Theory"

I live alone, and I get lonely. The characters on "The Big Bang Theory" are like having ersatzfriends to keep me company.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Buying People

Even if you can't be bought, maybe people in your circles can be bought.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Life Without Star Trek

I only read bits of the bible. As far as my life goes "Star Trek" was my good book. To mention a few things about me that it inspired me to adapt, would be, humaneness, education, and futurism/progressivism.


I realize that something has been stolen from me that is part of a healthy psychological make-up. I have diminished sense of belonging being away from my people. It's not such a huge deal to deal with, but it's still bothersome.