Thursday, March 31, 2016


I am a very democratic, very leftist, politically minded person. So it is definitely out of character to believe in Germanic-National movements, that I have mentioned I think are cool. It's generally the domain of Neo-Nazis, and that's upsetting for sure.

It's a struggle, I also like post national-concepts, so I am never at peace with these feelings of greater family/tribe.

I just think it's so fashionable, I mean many other peoples are all down with tribalism and such, while also being progressive otherwise, it creates a diverse mosaic which can be said to add to the beauty of humanity. It's just the Germanic predicament to have the Nazis ruin YET ANOTHER thing for us. I mean they ruined our place as scientific and cultural leadership around the globe, though not entirley, our role is greatly diminished. For a geek like me there is little to be geeky about that is Germanic, though I still play the videogame Settlers II, and the board game Settlers of Catan (Go German board games!).

And there is definitely that worry that one might be perceived wrongly as just another Neo-Nazi.

Edit: Germany also has some super-fine trains, and Denmark has Lego.

How I Nearly Became A Member Of The Austrian Military

When I was seventeen I wanted to move back to Austria and claim my citizenship, due to the Naturalization Laws I was entitled to Austrian Citizenship before I turned eighteen. But I was dealing with the consulate in Calgary and the application process took so many months that by the time everything was submitted I had turned eighteen.

If I had moved back to Austria (which I did for a while without citizenship a few years later) I would have been drafted into the military or civil service, since Austria has had conscription in place since the founding of the second republic. I was set on joining the military, which my father thought was a good idea. I didn't start experiencing schizophrenic symptoms until I was twenty, so if I had decided to just do the mandatory service time I would have been in and out before I would have been ejected due to being medically unfit to serve, I was otherwise in fine health at the time, so it is likely they would have taken me.

It's strange how a few weeks of sending documents back and forth had such influence on what probably would have been a profound change to my entire life.

I was recently able to obtain Austrian citizenship again due to a temporary change in laws, but since I am on disability benefits here in Canada I wouldn't have qualified.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Block Sized Government

I think it would be cool to have tiny subdivisions of government. In residential areas, down to the block or similar size. It would revitalize people's political interest, because it would give them influence where the major players that decide everything seem so far away. It would be cool if your neighbors were all involved in some local policy decisions.

Creating real political communities where you can still know everyone's face.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Conspiracy Crap

I feel like facebook is an attempt at mass data-mining for the cause of counter-terrorism.

Monday, March 21, 2016

I Hate The Word "Loser"

That's right Trump, I'm looking at you!

What's the next step after that? Untermenschen?

As much as I appreciate calling Trump a loser, like Elizabeth Warren did, I think the word is so degrading to human dignity and the first step down a slippery slope of judging people like race horses.

And of course everyone I disagree with is Hitler, it doesn't get any more original than that folks.

As A Kraut

This is just shameless self serving indulgence for my conscience, but if you go back far enough I am sure every tribe has wronged some other tribe over something.

Just had to be a white guy in the post-colonial era.

The Dalai Lama is right when he says we should be humans first. I still feel bad though for getting a get out of jail free card from the Dalai Lama for all the shit the white man has been up to.


The Limits Of The Monetary System

You can pour all the trillions you want onto a problem, if the resources aren't there then it's a problem that can't be solved with money.

The reason I bring this up is that domestic/foreign aid can only go so far, that and I feel bad that I am not joining the force of volunteers helping at this moment all over the world.

Twisted Matrix

What if even-though the A.I. massive eventually exceeds us in many or all respects they kept us as their souls instead of hating us in some war?

What do people think about literally becoming the ghost in the machine?

Militant Humanitarianism

I think militaries are ideally suited to do humanitarian work as evidenced by relief efforts usually within a state's own borders done by parts of the local military.

This should be expanded upon, humanitarian corps for helping develop the needy parts of the world and intervening like that instead of securing their own alliances (thinking of NATO and Russia here) continued military dominance.

I think if this kind of a shift in the military's role in future policy making would prevent areas that have a power vacuum, following a undesireable government being removed, from going out of control.

Also, if there is to be a future where the globe harmonizes in terms of equality and human rights; military style organizations would still take their place in society as humanitarian corps in times of disaster. And there might regrettably always be a hostile element in society that needs dealing with, though I do hope that if we create a paradise on earth, that kind of thing might also fade into history.


I wrote about this in a previous blog.

Agent Smith

Crops of humans were lost because it was too nice a matrix?

As much as I like Hugo Weaving's performance, I want him to be wrong so much.

Proletariat Credentials

I have those!

Why bother with a fancy degree when I can draw upon my status as the 99%.

It worked for many revolutionaries!

As I discussed many years ago with someone, I think that another problem, besides the gestapo bullshit, with the socialist revolutions in the early 20th century were built on top of very primitive societies. I think that today's highly developed capitalist societies are much more fertile ground to have socialism flourish, dare I even say communism?

The flower communism the hippies wanted and never got. No guns, just sharing.

Ok, I must admit, I make a sad revolutionary if my idea of a gun is a flower.

Maybe I Read Too Many Dune Novels

I also feel that maybe the power roles of men and women are significantly different when it comes to various different affairs of the species or family or bloodlines, and I am not on the inside of the complex systems of control.

There seems to be a theme in my paranoia thinking that human institutions are more impressive than they appear to me from what I can gather through my information sources.

But I totally got the idea from Frank Herbert.

Parent Paranoia

I feel like parents and grandparents have special hidden societal powers, especially when it comes to their own family line.

Still not wanting to take the plunge and have kids, maybe there are also restrictions that people without children don't have, privileges I am simply not aware of.

I Feel Like I Have Become A Cyborg

I have mentioned my last big breakdown and the new injections I am on.

It's feeling kind of like a rebirth. As a cyborg; I have also mentioned that I am not quite as energetic, enthusiastic, and enthralled by things as I used to be. I don't binge-play video-games anymore, something which very suddenly stopped, I was playing a JRPG (The Last Story) obsessively before my last breakdown and it was awesome. My entertainment regimen is definitely less colorful.

I am glad I have better judgement, because honestly experimenting with drugs seems like a good way to recapture more entertaining states of mind. Though I judge that to be a terrible idea.


The irony of fact that the game was named "The Last Story" and it was a kind of last story for me is not lost on me, I have thought it strange before.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Violent Revolution And The State Of State Martial Power

If you see the human population as one global civilization there are enough people who are in extreme poverty to justify a violent revolution, but today's armed forces in developed nations are so powerful compared to potential revolutions, as well as distant (not just physically, but they are culturally separated from the concerns of these humans) that these militaries can ignore or suppress at leisure.

Any successful violent global revolution would require elite and military support from the developed world.