I Am An Internet Era Person

I am the tiny artist/intellectual. I fill the cracks between the giants. The internet is better than peddling on the sidewalk no? Maybe not, I don't know, selling stuff on the sidewalk takes up so much time, and then there are the legal requirements and paying for printing costs. I will just pretend that I will go viral and become famous, or something like that and become a giant and make lot's of money.

That's normal no? I am not sure I want to remain tiny and (first world)poor.

It is nice that you are reading this though, hurrah for exposure!

But I suppose even old me has some space to take up in this society, I can only think of the wretched of the earth and their daily struggle for survival, this life I have isn't so bad I guess.

My Grandmother passed away yesterday, I spent a time living with her as I mentioned and she was a big part of growing up too, helping raise me and my sister. I irrationally hope that I will see her again and will miss her as I miss many that have passed on.

I do want to make the people in my life proud of my achievements, even the ones that are no longer with us.


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